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Monday, January 09, 2006

Dangers of aspirin / natural alternatives II

Is there a way to get the benefits of aspirin without the risks? Aspirin is based on plant compounds -- natural salicylic acids. Plants containing these substances have been used medicinally for literally thousands of years. Actually, many foods contain abundant salicylic acids and other natural anti-inflammatory chemicals.

Vegetables and fruits contain natural salicylic acids. In one study, some vegetarians had salicylic acid levels as high as non-vegetarians who were taking daily aspirin. Organically grown produce may contain higher quantities of salicylic acid -- research published in the European Journal of Nutrition found that soups made from organic vegetables were six times higher in salicylic acid than ordinary soups. Red and white wines are both high in salicylic acid. Most berries, cherries, prunes, dates, apricots, and grapes are also good sources.

High fruit and vegetable consumption will provide anti-inflammatory effects from the natural salicylic acids and other plant compounds without reducing the clotting capacity of the blood -- which leads to the dangerous risk of stroke and bleeding in those who take aspirin.

Can aspirin extend lifespan? The studies say it is questionable. On the other hand, the benefits of making vegetables and fruits the major part of your diet are well-established. If prevention is the goal, diet should be the focus, not drugs.

For more details, see Dr. David G. Williams' April 2004 Alternatives newsletter, available from Back issues are available at 1-800-718-8293 for $5 each.


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