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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Diabetes, part 3 - nutritional path to lower or eliminate the need for insulin

Dr GP Todd gave a lecture in 1987 about the treatment of diabetes with diet, exercise, and some amazing nutritional supplements that allowed his patients to dramatically reduce their need to take insulin or other diabetic drugs. Dr. Todd was himself severely diabetic. His diabetes developed very suddenly following a viral infection. Todd saw many cases among his patients -- he was a practicing eye surgeon and clinical opthamologist, and we know that diabetes is a major cause of blindness. He consulted on other cases of diabetes.

From this clinical experience, Todd developed a list of supplements which can be helpful to the diabetic. One must constantly and carefully monitor blood sugar levels when beginning to use these supplements, because when a supplemennt improves the diabetic condition, insulin needs will fall, and excess insulin can lead to diabetic shock.

This lecture lasts about two hours. It is long, and quite frankly, boring. Dr. Todd is a plodding speaker. He lists one after another substances that he and his patients have tried, sometimes with success, sometimes not. Regardless, this lecture is a gold mine of information, and if a diabetic wants to be spared the complications that inevitably ensue from their disease, Dr. Todd gives him the weapons to combat it. Listen carefully, take notes, do a more internet research, and apply the information. You will be richly rewarded.

The main cause of the damage to the body caused by diabetes, the dreadful complications that lead to blindness, amputation, kidney failure -- are largely caused by free radical pathology. The standard care for diabetes recommended by most doctors does little to address out-of-control free radical pathology. Dr. Todd does.

Todd is no longer living. A decade ago, he was practicing in North Carolina. I personally know a patient of his, an older woman who was losing her sight from macular degeneration. Dr. Todd's supplement regimen stopped the deterioration and saved her sight. These techniques work. They are worth the time and trouble to investigate and carefully apply.

To download this lecture (in two parts) click on the link, choose the "free" download option at the bottom, wait for the timer to run down to zero, enter the security code (which will appear after the timer reaches zero), and then click to download.

Part 1:

Part 2:



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