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Monday, June 19, 2006

arthritis pain relief from magnets

Most people probably find it odd, but I have used magnets for pain relief for many years. I use permanent magnets, mainly ceramic magnets that are flat, with the north pole on one face and the south pole on the opposite face. A double blind study of permanent magnets and their effect on bursitis pain was done several years ago. Apparently there is little interest in studying this type of magnet, but I find them effective.

The medical establshment has been more diligent in exploring the effects of pulsed or alternating magnetic fields -- electromagnets that are switched on and off at different frequencies. In this type of device, the magnetic field is delivered in pulses. A friend of mine whose child had a non-healing leg fracture told me that there is extensive literature on pulsed magnetic fields for bone healing. This began several decades ago when it was discovered that a small electrical current could stimulate bone growth and healing around a fracture. Since an electrical current produces a magnetic field, it was only natural to start testing magnets as well.

A recent study probed the effect of pulsed magnetic fields on fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis pain. This double-blind placebo-controlled study found statistically significant lower levels of pain in those exposed to a low frequency pulsed magnetic field for thirty minutes, compared to patients who received a sham treatment. [Pain Res Manag. 2006 Summer;11(2):85-90]

The effects of magnetic fields on biology are real. I can't vouch for all of the products being sold in the alternative health field. Many of them may be ineffective. The concept, however, is sound. I haven't tried any of the products that create a pulsed field. Permanent magnets give me benefits, and they avoid the added complication of electronics, wires, etc.

Gary Null has written a book about magnetic healing, and he also sells some very odd and very expensive products on his website (a magnetic sports bra?!), none of which I have read, or used, or endorse. There is an old article on Gary Null's site that serves as an excellent introduction to the use of magnets for health, and it may be all you need to know to begin using magnets for pain relief, allergy relief, and other purposes.

My only caveat would be to suggest finding an industrial source for the magnets, instead of paying the hugely inflated prices charged by companies selling them on the internet as health products. The magnets I use are 4" x 6" x ½" and have a field strength of 4000-5000 Gauss at the surface. They can be stacked for extra power -- which means the field can penetrate deeper into your tissues.


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