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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Cholesterol drugs cause cancer? (Do I hear an echo?)

A new study repeats the findings reported on this blog two years ago. "Lowering cholesterol with statins may slightly increase the risk of cancer, a study suggests," reports The Times Online.

"The team reviewed the results of 13 previous trials, involving more than 41,000 patients and all published before November 2005. They detected higher rates of cancer among the patients whose use of statins achieved the lowest levels of LDL cholesterol."

While they refuse to say the drugs are the direct cause of the increased cancer, it appears that the better the drugs worked to lower cholesterol, the greater the cancer risk.

Drugs are toxins. Anti-cholesterol statin drugs are toxic to the liver, and the higher doses that are often prescribed to aggressively lower cholesterol are more likely to cause serious liver damage. Approach with extreme caution.